Lady Gaga’s Wardrobe Malfunctions are Not Necessarily a Big Deal

Lady Gaga’s fashion choices are always out of this world. This is why when Lady Gaga has wardrobe malfunctions, no one really cares. In fact, people talk about her safe fashion choices more than the times when she had wardrobe malfunction. She also doesn’t seem to care. She wears whatever she wants. This is what Lady Gaga is all about.

Lady Gaga is no stranger to wardrobe malfunction. In fact, it is quite difficult to determine whether she had a wardrobe malfunction or she intentionally did it considering how controversial her fashion choices are all the time.

Lady Gaga suffered from a wardrobe malfunction in this maxi dress with a high slit. As the wind blew towards her, her panty was exposed.

As she went out to meet her fans, her super tiny shorts exposed her butt. Of course, she couldn’t care less.

She didn’t notice that as she raised her hands, her dress slipped and her nipples were exposed. The dress was so ill-fitting.

Though it was not as bad as her other wardrobe malfunctions, Lady Gaga’s nipples were almost exposed in her Grammy dress.

If you wear this jacket without wearing a bra, you obviously know that a nip slip could happen any moment. Perhaps, Lady Gaga has already anticipated it.

Her super tiny denim shorts gave more than what she was supposed to show. A vagina slip doesn’t usually happen, but it happened to Lady Gaga.

This is yet another outfit where her butt was completely exposed. At this point, it seems like it is no longer a malfunction. There is an obvious pattern.

This malfunction may not be as interesting as her other wardrobe malfunctions, but it was still a problem nonetheless. During the Golden Globe awards, there seemed to be a slightly ripped portion of her gown in the underarm area.

Lady Gaga is the queen when it comes to weird fashion choices. She may have suffered from several wardrobe malfunctions, but who really cares?